Leebo Freeman – Timeless Tale EP [CNTL004]

Our 4th releases comes from Leebo Freeman, an exceptional producer and dj based in London. Leebo has been showing for many years his great love for music and a very good taste, so this EP is a clearly example.

The main thought behind ‘Timeless Tale EP’ is sort of an ode to Paul Harris, Leebo´s uncle, the man who introduced him to the beautiful sounds of funk, soul and disco. Harris, a deeply emotional man full of love with a lot of beautiful & some troubled memories of love and music intertwined. This EP is Leebo´s tribute. The tone of the EP is this sort of depth, with a lot of keep and sample based action to capture some artefacts of the amazing music that inspired and connected to Leebo´s own thoughts and emotions in so many ways.

Powerful music that invites you to dance, closing your eyes while you leave and fly over the dance floor. Enjoy!

You can buy the release on Beatport, Juno, iTunes, Traxsource, and listen on SpotifyTidal or Deezer.

And if you like Leebo´s music, you can download a free track here!





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