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  • Leebo Freeman – Timeless Tale EP [CNTL004]

    Leebo Freeman – Timeless Tale EP [CNTL004]

    Our 4th releases comes from Leebo Freeman, an exceptional producer and dj based in London. Leebo has been showing for many years his great love for music and a very good taste, so this EP is a clearly example. The main thought behind ‘Timeless Tale EP’ is sort of an ode to Paul Harris, Leebo´s…

  • Leebo Freeman – Rolla Disco [CNTL-FD001]

    Leebo Freeman – Rolla Disco [CNTL-FD001]

    ‘Rolla Disco’ is the appetizer that the multifaceted artist Leebo Freeman gives us, before his official debut in Cenital Music. ‘Rolla Disco’ is a rhythmic track full of groove, full powerful and unmistakable synths, and now Cenital Music offers you as a free download. Listen, download and enjoy! You can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE!