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  • Matua&Bergau – Serpentine EP [CNTL024]

    Matua&Bergau – Serpentine EP [CNTL024]

    Matua&Bergau are a great duo from St.Petersburg, Russia and their music moves between Nu Disco and Deep Hous with with extreme good taste. Now they arrive to Cenital with a new work, ‘Serpentine‘, with two tracks that will make you move endlessly on the dance floor. Moreover, we upped the bet including two marvelous remixes,…

  • Music For The Island [CNTL017]

    Music For The Island [CNTL017]

    In Ibiza we have found that near paradise to escape from all worries and feel more free. A destination with a special energy, which is felt from the most remote cove to the dance floor of the largest club on the island. In Cenital Music we wanted to pay tribute to Ibiza with this new…

  • Cenital Podcast 002 – Rafa Santos

    Cenital Podcast 002 – Rafa Santos

    Our second podcast comes from our mate Rafa Santos. Enjoy! 1. Clyde – Serve it Up 2. Kelly Hall – Dance with a Sun Godness 3. Lawrence – Simmer (Lake People) 4. Dj Steaw – Wild 5. Ekkohaus – Dub Accent (Rafa Santos) 6. Autofac – The Vessel 7. Nature Boy – Euro Disney 8.…

  • Focus On Cenital #1 [CNTL009]

    Focus On Cenital #1 [CNTL009]

    Cenital Music dresses up for its new compilation series, Focus On. On this, the #1, which has received the names that were previously published on the label and a series of new faces that have been able to pay attention here in the future. This compilation covers several styles and the producers that include it…

  • Manuel Costela – Wide Soul [CNTL007]

    Manuel Costela – Wide Soul [CNTL007]

    Wide Soul, the first EP from Manuel Costela for Cenital Music, is his rogue side dedicated to those years when he was only a spectator of the electronic music scene in Madrid, and the most danceable vision of this producer. 3 superb cuts focused on the dancefloor and the passion at night and the enriching…

  • Rod V – Electric Sun EP [CNTL005]

    Rod V – Electric Sun EP [CNTL005]

    Rod V is a bright talented dj and producer from Guatemala, his productions has gained him the recognition of many international djs and producers. After release his music on labels such as Cuberec, Silk Music or A Must Have, with this ‘Electric Sun’ joins the Cenital family. This EP brings three superb tracks. Rod’s music…

  • Leebo Freeman – Timeless Tale EP [CNTL004]

    Leebo Freeman – Timeless Tale EP [CNTL004]

    Our 4th releases comes from Leebo Freeman, an exceptional producer and dj based in London. Leebo has been showing for many years his great love for music and a very good taste, so this EP is a clearly example. The main thought behind ‘Timeless Tale EP’ is sort of an ode to Paul Harris, Leebo´s…

  • Leebo Freeman – Rolla Disco [CNTL-FD001]

    Leebo Freeman – Rolla Disco [CNTL-FD001]

    ‘Rolla Disco’ is the appetizer that the multifaceted artist Leebo Freeman gives us, before his official debut in Cenital Music. ‘Rolla Disco’ is a rhythmic track full of groove, full powerful and unmistakable synths, and now Cenital Music offers you as a free download. Listen, download and enjoy! You can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE!