Hyman Bass – There Be Dragons [CNTL027]

The Madrid-based producer Hyman Bass returns to Cenital Music with a very complete work that consists of five original songs and four remixes by some old friends of the label and a couple of very interesting new faces. In this “There Be Dragons” he again mixes his idea of ​​House with adjacent styles such as the Cosmic, Techno or Electro, always with a special attention to the melody and the atmospheres.

The EP starts with the title theme, a production close to the Deep-House based on silky pads, rampant bass and evocative atmospheres; Mopa, a great producer from Merida, takes the track to a downtempo terrain introducing new (and delicious) new arpeggios and environments. “Contact” has a clear traveling and planning vocation, specifically several kilometers above the ground; a track that could be part of the B.S.O of the International Space Station thanks to its arpeggios, hallucinated atmospheres and that touch Cosmic-Disco; the Italian Jo Pariota brings him down and brings him closer to the dance floor, with an effective rhythm and a touch of the North American house, timeless and full of class. “The Expanse” is located on the border between the House and the Cosmic-Disco, with a strong base and a well-marked bass that encourages giving everything; of the corresponding remix Manuel Costela deals with his aka more explorer, Oval Future Face, making the track an Electro-House bomb with good punch and insured travel. “Lotus Eaters” is a twist to the sound of Hyman Bass, with a touch more Techno and a dark and tribal roll, low winding and environmental details to be lost without remedy in it; the leonese living in Madrid Promising / Youngster makes him a bombshell between Electro and Trance that will make the most demanding audience dance. “Substance” closes the work with a Techno base and some percussions that go hand in hand with the melody to make the feet move and the mind to rise.

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