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  • Kei How – Shizumaru Machi [CNTL040]

    Kei How – Shizumaru Machi [CNTL040]

    Shizumaru Machi is the work produced by Kei How for Cenital Music, a finest deep house work. And It comes with a superb remix from dr3am! You can buy or stream the release on your favorite online shop or stream service. Click on the link now! Cenital Music ยท Kei How – Shizumaru Machi [CNTL040]

  • Podcast 011 – dr3am presents dr3amcast

    Podcast 011 – dr3am presents dr3amcast

    In this podcast dr3am provides another perspective for listening electronic music in the “mix” or “podcast” format that is more commonly used. Taking it to a relaxed and dreamy terrain, where while you live, work, study, dozens or live in bed, there is a soundtrack that embraces and accompanies, also providing small positive stimuli to…

  • dr3am – Side A [CNTL028]

    dr3am – Side A [CNTL028]

    The veteran producer and dj Ivan Smoka returns to fight with a new project called dr3am, a kind of mutation of his project Superama 3 AM, in which he approaches that new wave of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop that also connects with his more Chill-Out projects and with all the Abstract Hip-Hop of the late nineties; In…