dr3am – Side A [CNTL028]

The veteran producer and dj Ivan Smoka returns to fight with a new project called dr3am, a kind of mutation of his project Superama 3 AM, in which he approaches that new wave of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop that also connects with his more Chill-Out projects and with all the Abstract Hip-Hop of the late nineties; In fact, listening to many of these themes, its inevitable not to remember artists like DJ Shadow and Nightmares on Wax or labels like Ninja Tune and (closer in time) Brainfeeder from Flyin Lotus. Throughout twelve great topics, oneiric stories are developed that are directly connected with that unreal world that we visit when dreaming.

Slow and narcotized rhythms, cozy atmospheres and beautiful and hopeful melodic lines, a mist omnipresent in the environment and a lot of delicacy is what we find in these themes, which also serve as a denunciation of the disappearance of a style that triumphed a few years ago and that He even had his own sessions where he could have a drink and be carried away by an evocative music with a hypnagogic touch. The short duration of many of the themes and their high quality make the trip through this work a satisfying and joyful one, making their listening happen in a jiffy and we fall into the desire to listen again; that in the long run is one of the best sensations that one can have when it comes to enjoying an album, staying with more desire thanks to its quality and listening to it again from the beginning.

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