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  • Focus On 2 [CNLT037]

    Focus On 2 [CNLT037]

    A new compilation from the Focus On series is here. Cenital music continues betting on quality electronic music, either with veteran artists or with newcomers. The well-known of our family, Hyman Bass or Monofade, now join us Camilo Sanjuan, Hohermuth and Thil Blu. Five artists, five superb tracks with different styles, from Ambient to Techno.…

  • Monofade – Tenea [CNTL026]

    Monofade – Tenea [CNTL026]

    Our beloved Monofade strikes again with ‘Tenea’, a sweet and tech tune who will fall in love instantly. And comes with a rework from the master Thimble. Enjoy! You can buy or stream the release on your favorite online shop or stream service. Click on the link now!

  • Cenital Podcast 003 – Monofade

    Cenital Podcast 003 – Monofade

    Ladys and gentlemen, with all of you, Monofade!

  • Music For The Island [CNTL017]

    Music For The Island [CNTL017]

    In Ibiza we have found that near paradise to escape from all worries and feel more free. A destination with a special energy, which is felt from the most remote cove to the dance floor of the largest club on the island. In Cenital Music we wanted to pay tribute to Ibiza with this new…