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  • Music For The Island [CNTL017]

    Music For The Island [CNTL017]

    In Ibiza we have found that near paradise to escape from all worries and feel more free. A destination with a special energy, which is felt from the most remote cove to the dance floor of the largest club on the island. In Cenital Music we wanted to pay tribute to Ibiza with this new…

  • Defrank – Trescatorce EP [CNTL003]

    Defrank – Trescatorce EP [CNTL003]

    ‘Trescatorce Ep’ is the new release of producer and live performer Defrank in Cenital Music. There you will find exquisite melodies and percussions that will make you feel new shades in the melodic deep house. Sentimental and passionate, like its sound, Defrank counts on its having 2 eps and 2 collaborations between Argentina and Spain…