Ebar – Edible Audio Works, Vol.2 [CNTL021]

Veteran and versatile music provider Ebar, returns to Cenital one year after his first job on the label. And he returns with the second volume of Edible Audio Works, his very delicious and personal work where the artist explores new soundscapes inspired by the dishes he has tasted in his trips around the world. But writing about how Ebar´s music sounds -and tastes!-, I invite you to listen and judge by yourself. And of course, here is the ingredients list of each tune.

1 – Seabass Moqueca: sea bass ‘moqueca’ (brazilian fish stew), cassava, coconut, cilantro, g flat minor (magenta), nearfield ocean waves, watery times, sub-bass throbs, siren’s call.

2 – Barramundi Crudo: barramundi crudo, green apple, tapioca, lime, basil, chilies, hijiki, rowboat, casting reel, tokyo fish market, gardens, lawnmower, high tempo, acidic squelches, rapid arpeggios, pastoral strings.

3 – Bloody Martini: not so bloody martini jello, celery, lime pearls, a major (orange), pours + slurps, sacred cycles, pop bass, electro snares, echo horns.

4 – Cheese Plate: chef’s cheese selection, dried fruits, nuts, truffle honey, winter evening in the alpine mystery cottage.

5 – Bolinho Estudante: ‘bolinho de estudante’, coconut, salted caramel, a minor (orange), bongo, pandeiro, triangle, surdo, samba guitar, mixing desk feedback.

Bon Appétit!

You can buy the release on Beatport, Juno or iTunes and listen on Spotify, Deezer or Tidal.